All the chatter on TV news is about government U-turns and what our governments are doing to confront this so-called third wave sweeping across Mallorca and the rest of Europe, in particular the UK.

Yes, I have used this column to attack Boris Johnson since March when I have felt the need, however, watching him being accused of U-turns is unfair. No one saw this third wave coming and even if they did, no one had a clue how it was going to behave.

Boris and the governments which just about continue to make up the UK have had to respond quickly as best as they see fit. If it means more restrictions to save more lives, then so be it - we could be going down the same road here in Mallorca - the situation has never been so fluid, so which way are we supposed to go? There’s nothing wrong with a U-turn providing it works.

Plus Boris is having to deal with another problem and that is the French. By the time this edition hits the streets, he and Macron may have solved the Covid-based freight blockade - I hope so for the sake of the drivers. But I am sure such a drastic move by the French was not necessary.

They are just sticking their Brexit oar in. I am sure, temperature checks and antigen rapid tests could have been carried out in Dover and Calais and freight would have been able to carry on moving. After all, when the truckers drive off the ferries, they know which way to turn - it’s just a shame governments don’t appear to, but the road to their destination is changing by the minute.