The New TIB bus lines and routes

Dear Sir,

As and from the first of January those unfortunates among your readers who use buses operated by TIB are facing disruption to their intended journeys that will, in some cases, verge on the chaotic. For most passengers, the journeys they were won't to make are no longer possible, unless using two different bus lines; assuming that the timetables align sufficiently to allow this, without requiring an unconscionably lengthy wait, in between the buses arrival and departure. This will undoubtedly swell the coffers at TIB HQ since they will now receive two fares where previously only one was levied.

For some reason also, the planners decided that the stretch of public road on the MA-1C between Roundabout 6 and Roundabout 5 is off limits to their buses. So, there is no connection between Palmanova and Son Caliu, no matter where you might wish to go to, or come from. Having had many years of experience in devising Timetables at University I am not without some sympathy for those who are required to devise bus timetables, but in the case of these new TIB timetables I find it impossible to understand what the designers were about. Unless they were devised by the patients of a home for the bewildered as some form of occupational therapy.

I realise that my complaint is certain to fall on deaf ears. TIB in the past has never shown any willingness to engage with its customers and seems unlikely to start doing so now.

Jim Wallace
Cala Viñas