BY no means do I wish to rub it in for the millions of Mallorca lovers who are currently trapped or in home isolation because of the pandemic and unable to travel to Mallorca, or any where, for a holiday but what I would like to do is remind people of just how wonderful Mallorca is. Obviously, living through this pandemic for the best part of a year now has been far from easy - it’s been extremely challenging at times to say the least. But, last summer, I was able to explore some of the most spectacular bays and beaches I had never set foot on during the past 26 years I’ve worked on the island and now, with my gym having been closed for months, the bike has never been used so much nor has my home equipment or the tennis club.

However, now I’ve discovered hiking. Relaxing Sundays have now become active ones and last week I headed along the cliff edge path from Sant Elm to Torre de Cala en Basset - and it was spectacular with breathtaking views of Dragonera and the rough seas crashing against the rocks over the sheer drop below. The strong winds had dropped, there were a few other people yomping around, most on the easy route, but even as we clung to the cliff edge for dear life, it was worth every minute. It served as yet another reminder of what a paradise this island is and why the world loves it. Maybe, the local government have come to take the island for granted, well they should get out more, get moving and get Majorca working again.