SPAIN has been warned by Brussels to sort its travel restrictions at both domestic and international levels out.

The wake-up call from Brussels came amid rising anger and confusion among Spaniards given that this Easter it will be possible for foreign tourists to vacation in Spain, in particular Germans in Mallorca, while residents will not be allowed to travel outside of their regional borders.

Brussels wants to see a coherent plan which falls in to place with the rest of the new dysfunctional family known as the European Union.

Yesterday, was a real double whammy for the Balearics. On the heel of bars and restaurants being told their interior again just a week after being allowed to reopen, non essential travel between the Balearic Islands has also been banned until further notice.

The Spanish government, which is in charge of restrictions on international travel, has defended the measures citing the difficulty involved in closing the borders as well as the low risk due to the small numbers of tourists who are arriving.

What’s more, those who are coming via plane or sea have to present a negative PCR test before they can enter - it claims.

But surely, the Balearic government must have a say in this or is the regional Socialist-led coalition quite happy to roll over and allow the islands to be used as a Covid laboratory?