Passenger walks at Brussels international airport

Passenger walks at Brussels international airport.


The European Parliament recently passed a motion for member states to bear the cost of PCR tests. If not, the whole project for boosting mobility will be jeopardised. Discrimination will be implied, as people who have been vaccinated - paid for by member states - will be able to travel freely, while those who have not been vaccinated will still need a PCR test and pay for it.

The World Health Organization has stated that countries should not charge for tests, vaccines or the issuance of health certificates. Some countries are following what the WHO has stipulated, but not all of them by any means.

Europe’s two leading tourist countries are France and Spain. One of them has said that it will pay for tests, the other has said that it will not. Spain’s tourism minister, Reyes Maroto, is hopeful that the country can this year attract just over half the number of foreign tourists who came in 2019 - 45 million as opposed to almost 84 million.

On this basis, she has explained, it would be unfeasible to pay for PCRs for all tourists who come to Spain. “There are other priorities for public money, such as ERTE.”

That’s a valid point, but the more that tourism can be guaranteed, the less will be the cost of ERTE. Sra. Maroto must be hoping that everyone will get vaccinated, then the cost of PCRs won’t matter. Meanwhile, so much for the principle of non-discrimination.


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Rich / Hace 8 months

Spain is notorious for having an extremely hostile tax regime hence paying for PCR should come as no surprise. Just wait until they start clawing back all the ERTE they've paid out. Unless you work for the government in shape or form you are doomed. But that's the socialist aim isn't it.


Lisa / Hace 8 months

So Spain isn’t paying for the PCR tests. And, we can assume tourists will still be charged the deeply unpopular (with tourists anyway) tourist tax.

While other nations are falling over themselves to try and encourage tourists to book holidays, Spanish leaders appear apathetic.

This year? Really???


Adam / Hace 8 months

For people who travel frequently from country to country having not only free testing is good access to places where the testing is done is also fundamental , FRANCE is FANTASTIC for this you can get an appointment online they also test on Saturday there is No COST for this they e mail you with the result 5 hours later you can print out a Hard copy of this and you are free to travel sorry but SPAIN is Third world when it comes to testing a Joke !!! They are going to have a hard time and the light at the end of the tunnel OH that is a TRAIN .