Scenes of refuseniks being dragged screaming to a vaccination centre? | Argui Escandon


Last week, it was reported that some 10,000 people in the Balearics had “refused” the vaccine. In only some cases was it certain that they had - people who had been contacted by phone. Of the rest, there were those who were eligible but who hadn’t booked an appointment (yet) and others who had failed to attend.

These 10,000 equate to 2.5% of all those who have so far received at least one dose. It’s unfortunate that there is any percentage, but people are allowed to exercise their own free will. While governments contemplate compulsory vaccination for specific groups, e.g. health workers, compulsion is an ethically vexed issue. What would we witness? Scenes of refuseniks being dragged screaming to a vaccination centre?

Overwhelmingly, however, and thankfully so, people are not refusing - 2.5% isn’t a great percentage. Moreover, they are not deterred by vaccine scares. Of the under-60s in the Balearics to have been given the choice of vaccine for their second dose, 86% have gone for AstraZeneca. The people, one might suggest, know best. They can appreciate a massively low risk. They also know that it is best to be vaccinated, regardless of the vaccine used.

Free will to decline is one thing. Stupidity is another. How is it that there can still be those, as demonstrated in London on Saturday, who claim the pandemic is a hoax?
The public knows best, except a tiny minority which is taken in - conspiracy hook, line and sinker.