A week to forget for Mallorca´s tourist industry

A week to forget for Mallorca´s tourist industry.


A week to forget for Mallorca´s tourist industry. It was a question of seeing red at the British government´s decision to keep Spain and the Balearics at “amber” rather than “green,” in their traffic light safe travel system.

Steve Heapy, the Chief of Executive of Jet2, is someone I admire. He made it clear during a Bulletin interview last month that the local government should be in direct contact with the British government sharing all the relevant information on the low number of coronavirus cases and the vaccination programme in the Balearics.

He was adamant that this was the way forward which could help put the islands on the “green list.” He also supported the idea of “safe air corridors” between the Balearics and Britain. To be honest there is no reason for the Balearics to be on “amber.” We have far fewer cases than the rest of Spain and basically life has returned to normal in the islands. The problem is the rest of the country.

Certain parts of Spain, including Madrid, have a high level of cases and this was one of the reasons which prompted the British government to keep the country on “amber.” It is a shame that the Balearics couldn´t have pushed harder for safe air corridors and underlined the low level of cases in the islands at government level.

I know splitting the green list into regions rather than countries would have been no easy task and the British government would have probably refused, but it was certainly worth a try. The Balearic government must continue to “spread the word” about the low level of cases and fingers crossed that the islands can soon be on the green light.


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Steve, Son Maties / Hace 7 months

Well, personally I'm one of those seeing red that Mallorca is not firmly on the Red List. Our vaccination levels are pathetic, our new daily cases aren't reducing, - even if you could believe the figures, our "Police" can't police anything, even themselves, we have no effective means of deterrent such as fining or banning visitors the break the laws (only the locals) , and 70% of the tourists that we get here are only low-life anyway.....


Suzan mellor / Hace 7 months

Until Mallorca’s vaccination rate improves considerably (and also Spain’s) they don’t stand a chance of becoming ‘green’. I can’t understand why the vaccination process has been so slow ...


John / Hace 7 months

Our comments today are generally all in agreement. It's clear to most what is happening.


John Oliver / Hace 7 months

If the British government have seen the videos of the disgraceful behaviour in Playa de Palma on Saturday night, I doubt that they would consider Baleares as a safe destination. I appreciate that the police didn't stand a chance of controlling the 7 - 10,000 people involved but something has to be done to stop this selfish behaviour. Water cannon maybe? This morning I had to go to Canyamel and the streets were full of Germans with very few wearing masks. If holidaymakers coming to Mallorca believe that local restrictions don't apply to them then, in my eyes, they are not welcome here.


John Law / Hace 7 months

Apart from common sense, there are four criteria required for the UK's Green List. One of which is the porcentage of people vaccinated, which, at just 17% leaves the Balearics woefully short. Also the accuracy of data needs to be verified , and the figures here also differ, depending on the source, and the eagerness of some people's greed for tourism. Any hope for the Green List had no foundation at all, and it will most likely remain this way until tbe end of the year at the earliest.


Compo / Hace 7 months

Much as I would like to see Mallorca go green for the sake of the economy, I am quite surprised that there is so much expectation that it would happen. Mallorca has a very low vaccination rate and whilst cases are very low, there is the obvious concern with the total Spanish numbers and of course there is considerable daily travel between the island and the mainland. Having a curfew and having to wear masks outside has not sent a message that Mallorca believes in its own rhetoric of being 'safe'.


Leo / Hace 7 months

Boris and his Government want to boost tourism within the UK, WHY? Because the same as here, Election funding comes from this sector. That explains it.


Gareth / Hace 7 months

Reading your article it appears that you have completely failed to notice the huge number of flights EVERY day between the mainland and Mallorca ( including Madrid ). Until the whole of Spain reaches a vaccination level of 70% plus, no one should be travelling anywhere and we all know Mallorca currently has the lowest levels of vaccination in the whole of Spain.


Lisa / Hace 7 months

Sadly Jason, the number one criteria for the British green list is vaccination. And if you read the MDB article this morning - the Balearics are at the bottom of those vaccinated... in Spain!!

Unlike Greece, who looked at the criteria for green list and started prioritising their tourist islands - the Balearics were ignored.

This UK review appears to have largely been political. No new green list countries and Portugal thrown onto Amber - sending the tourist industry and confidence into booking into chaos.

The next review may actually look at the published criteria ... number one measure being vaccination!!!!

Really, it’s not rocket science. They’ve published the rules, so no excuses for not understanding.


John / Hace 7 months

It's not only a question of promoting Mallorca has having low cases. They want to hear everybody has been vaccinated,and that's a long way off. Bojo has not wanted tourism this year as he's done nothing in the UK to promote it. He's taking Portugal off the green list now that the football final is over,and Portugal has similar levels as the U.K. He's added no countries to green list and now he's adding more red. He's closing shop for this year's international holidays,he wants everyone holidaying at home.