Travel confusion in the UK has hit consumer confidence. | P. BERGAS

The Balearic government and tourism authorities need to start sending out the right messages to the UK as soon as possible in order to attract them back to the islands as soon as they are given the green light to come because consumer confidence in taking an overseas holiday this year appears to have taken a serious dive in the UK.

Barely one in 10 UK consumers are keen to take a foreign holiday as soon as possible or reassured they will be able to travel abroad before the end of the year, according to research for Travel Weekly.

A survey by Service Science and Kantar in May suggests 31% of UK adults intend to take an overseas holiday by April next year, but of these only 15% – or barely 5% of the adult population – would “travel at the earliest opportunity”.

The findings must surely have caused concern for the Balearic government and the tourist industry and it should be doing everything within its powers to boost consumer confidence in the UK and transmit the message that the islands are a safe destination and that British holiday makers are welcome.

Palma can continue blaming London for the confusion and Britons not coming, but that is not the solution to a mounting problem.

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The tourism supply chain is still on hold as it waits for the British and the Balearic government needs to start being proactive.