The Balearic Minister for Tourism told the Bulletin he wants one last push. | CLICK


The Balearic Minister for Tourism, Iago Negueruela, told the Bulletin last week that the recent restrictions on the sale of alcohol in key resorts after 10pm is part of the Balearic government’s efforts to try and crackdown on the illegal street parties and ease the spread of Covid as cases have spiked to worrying levels over the past few weeks.

The pressure of hospitals is still low, although rising and this is the key indicator as to how the pandemic is moving, which at the moment is not in the direction the government would have wanted.

Negueruela made it clear that the restrictions apply to everyone, from local residents to visitors, they were due to have been a warning message to society as a whole that after so much pain and heartache over the past 18 months, the Balearics, which was the only region in Spain to have been placed on the UK’s travel green watch list, needs just one last push to get the region over the Covid line.

He does not want to go down the path of more restrictions, to the contrary he talked about opening clubs at the end of the month, but it very much depends on whether people get the massage understand it and respond sensibly.

The Balearics was so very close to a near clean bill of health, but now the alarm bells are ringing again with an increasing number of EU states tightening travel advice for Spain as a whole. We can not afford to throw all the hard work away. Not now.