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How does it work, do you suppose? Does a PSOE central communications command issue scripts to figures of relevance in order that they say the same thing?

There’s no suppose about it. This is how political parties operate, be they in Spain or anywhere else. Figures of relevance were thus supplied with a script for dissemination to a citizenship with a growing sense of alarm and for foreign governments which will be getting twitchy.

Covid attention, the script goes, needs to be on the situation in hospitals rather than on the uncomfortably high daily numbers and incidence rates. Francina Armengol, Iago Negueruela, Reyes Maroto, all figures of relevance, and especially so when it comes to tourism, have all parroted the same narrative, the new narrative for a Covid-vaccinated (semi-vaccinated) new era.

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Which is all well and good, until the hospital admissions start to rise and there is a lack of reassurance as to when the daily rates will begin to descend. All well and good, until regions seek to reintroduce measures such as curfews and caps on numbers of people who may gather socially. One region is Valencia, a PSOE fiefdom at governmental level. Has Ximo Puig failed to read the memo?

It wasn’t how it was meant to be. Of course it wasn’t.
What will the updated script include?

Will figures of relevance in the Balearics reaching for that reform of public health legislation, curfew and all? The messages become predictable. As predictable as the situations they refer to.