You might not be able to buy alcohol after 10pm, but you’ve got all day to stock up. | Jason Moore


The crackdown on the sale of alcohol in conflictive resorts was supposed to have sent out a message urging people to use their common sense and be more responsible with the Balearic government hoping that society in general would jump on board for one final push to get the islands out of the pandemic and lower the Covid case curve.

It has failed. The reaction from most of my friends was it was a ridiculous stunt because most people planning on attending an illegal street party have all day to stock up on alcohol.

Plus, if for some reason you run out of alcohol after 10pm, the bars are still open until 2am.

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Now hotel staff are being asked to police the purchase of alcohol by their clients and to spy on them to see of they are stockpiling booze in their hotels rooms.

That, I am sure would be considered discriminatory by the European Union, not to mention a blatant breach of people’s civil rights.

Plus, what are hotel staff supposed to do - they have no judicial powers to confiscate alcohol from guests and I doubt they are going to start calling the police, the security forces have enough on their plate as it is without having to bother holiday makers who thankfully have chosen to come and spend their well earned money in Mallorca.
If we’re not sensible, we will on the new amber-plus list.