The street cleaners doing their job in Palma. | Teresa Ayuga


A recent survey suggests that the majority of Palma residents are furious with the council over a number of key issues from street cleanliness to public transport and parking. Now, don´t get me wrong but some people would find fault with paradise! Overall, I would say that Palma is a fantastic place to live and work. Yes, it could be cleaner, yes there could be less graffiti and yes there could be more parking, but are people really saying that Palma is a mess? To be honest I can´t believe it and I am not alone. Readers of the Sunday Times voted Palma as the best place to live in the world and it is a long list with plenty of fantastic cities. Granted that the city council do have some strange ideas like their constant drive (excuse the pun) to get people on bicycles when the city isn´t really prepared for it.

Compared to other cities, small and large which I have visited, I would say that Palma is a clean city. An army of street cleaners are at work everyday even removing the graffiti. The problem of a lack of parking should be partly resolved now that terraces have been removed from parking areas. There is a whole network of underground car parks across the city and whatever people say the public transport network is first class. If you visit the main bus and train station in the Plaza España you will find that there are bus and train routes to most parts of the island. It is a good service so there shouldn´t really be any complaints. If you want to leave your car at home you can. So, don´t knock Palma. It is a great city which deserves praises not criticism.