Out of petrol in UK. | ANDY RAIN


While all the focus is on the UK and the crisis the nation is facing due to a lack of staff as a result of tens of thousands of foreign workers having left as a result of Brexit, Europe as a whole is having similar problems. France, for example, is reportedly short of 50,000 lorry drivers as is Germany while the EU as a block is also facing the prospect of rising fuel prices, which will lead to an increase in the overall cost of living.

And, according to the Partido Popular, the Balearics is struggling to recruit civil servants in all sectors from the judiciary, social security offices to the state security services such as the National Police and the Guardia Civil, due to the lack of sufficient financial packages offered to cover the high cost of the living in the Balearics compared to the mainland.

“Insularity”, or isolation, appears to be the buzzword with various key sectors apparently taking full advantage of the Balearics being islands to hike operating costs as we emerge from the pandemic.

However, the result is that, coupled with other external factors such as rising fuel and electricity costs and rents, for example, accepting a post with the civil service in the Balearics is proving increasingly unattractive to people living on the mainland, or even the Canary Islands which have a different tax system. If Madrid is now splashing the cash, more needs to come to the Balearics.