“I would say that gridlock on the roads is one of the biggest problems on Mallorca” | J. PEREZ


Last week I wrote in this space about the gridlock on local roads which continues on a daily basis and I would say that the problem is becoming even more pronounced. The Palma city council has come up with a solution....build more car parks.

They are rather missing the point really. More parking spaces will not resolve the issue of gridlock on local roads. When are the local authorities going to get serious and tackle this problem once and for all? The main problem is that the Via Cintura ring road is not fit for purpose. When it was first built it was probably big enough but there is now far more traffic on the roads leaving the local authorities with a major headache. Another lane needs to be added.

In fact, there was a plan to do just that but it was later shelved as a result of protests from the green lobby. The local authorities, who are always quick to underline their green credentials, should be trying to reduce the number of cars on the road by underlining how great the public transport network is if they are not willing to build more roads.

Perhaps, even a car sharing scheme could be introduced because it is usually a case of one person per vehicle.

It is such a shame that more is not being done to improve the road network if the public transport option is not considered. I would say that gridlock on the roads is one of the biggest problems on Mallorca at the moment and unless it is resolved soon will become a nightmare.