Covid pardons no one, not even sports stars who should be setting an example. | R.L.


I have aired my views on Covid vaccinations before and I shall do it again.
Apart from the need to have one to help the global battle against the virus, new rules and regulations with regards to travel or entering restaurants, bars, concerts or other large events are being dominated by Covid passports.

Novak Djokovic, for example, looks set to miss out on the chance to defend his Australian Open crown and extend his long list of titles because he is apparently not vaccinated and Australian authorities are not prepared to play ball with unvaccinated tennis players for the Australian Open, nor are they for other sporting events. Australia has always been extremely strict on its entry protocol so I would not be surprised that moving forward, a Covid passport could be required to enter the country.

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So, for the thousands of students and tourists who head Down Under for their gap years, holidays or to see the family, not having a Covid passport is going to make life increasingly complicated. And why are the best part of half of the Premier League’s footballers not vaccinated.

What kind of example does that set while fans have to abide by strict rules and regulations to access grounds? I don’t understand why there is a growing anti-vax movement in the UK. OK, people might not want the jab, but don’t they care about others around, such as family?