Angela Merkel. | Reuters


...was German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Due to hand over this coming week to the new government under Olaf Scholz, a parting policy decision was for what Germany’s health minister, Jens Spahn, had referred to as a “quasi lockdown”. Similar to what has happened in Austria, Frau Merkel announced far-reaching measures in the name of “national solidarity”. The unvaccinated are to find themselves excluded from various establishments and the Bundestag is to be asked to approve compulsory vaccination. Extreme this may seem, but patience has run out with those who refuse to get vaccinated.

Three cheers...

PALMA. TAXIS. Un taxi en una parada de Palma.

For Palma's financial assistance to the city's taxi drivers. Aid to the tune of just over 1,000 euros per licence holder was welcome for a collective who generally get a bad press. But this is a collective who, as was acknowledged by Mayor Hila, went to the assistance of people who, for whatever reason, would otherwise have found it difficult to get to health facilities, especially during the initial state of alarm. The drivers, as with others, have suffered greatly from a drop in business. The financial boost was described as too little, but then it can never be enough. But for once, it was right to recognise the work of taxi drivers and not criticise them.

A big boo....

SEVILLA. FUTBOL FEMENINO. La jugadora de la selección española, Alexia Putellas,

For uncompetitive football internationals. England Women secured three more points on their way to the World Cup by demolishing Latvia 20-0, having beaten the same opposition 10-0 in the away fixture. The goal feast was fun for Ellen White as she became all-time leading scorer, but how much fun could it have been for Latvia? The men's game has been debating the sense of these one-sided matches for years, and the women's game has to consider it as well. Do these matches develop lesser nations, or are they simply soul-destroying? It's a tough balance, as better nations than Latvia, such as Scotland, can also get walloped - 8-0 by Spain.