If they do attend, they have been advised to wear the FFP2 masks

If they do attend, they have been advised to wear the FFP2 masks.

21-12-2021PERE BOTA

Some serious decisions are going to be taken within the next 48 hours when the Spanish Prime Minister holds a virtual meeting with the regional presidents to discuss the current Covid situation and how best to stop a wave of cases sweeping across the country like it has in the United Kingdom and Northern Europe. Sources in Madrid have said that the Prime Minister does not want to go down the same road as France and Germany with regards stopping or seriously hindering UK travellers but the UK is gripped by a seriously worrying and fluid situation so anything could happen between now and tomorrow afternoon’s meeting.

Yesterday, the Balearic Ministry for Health called on those who are not vaccinated to “rethink” their festive plans and try to avoid parties and even family gatherings because of the possible risk they will pose to the rest of the gathering. If they do attend, they have been advised to wear the FFP2 masks. And, the Ministry repeated the need for indoors spaces to be ventilated and for social distancing to be maintained. Spanish experts are warning that existing measures are inefficient but political leaders are hesitant to take tougher steps. Most regions are turning to the Covid pass - which proves vaccination, recovery or a recent negative test and are content to ramp up the use of the passport as opposed to new restrictions.


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Rich / Hace 26 days

I'm unvaccinated, therefore obviously a second class citizen, or perhaps not even a citizen soon ( see nuremburg laws 1935 ). So I'm asking will I soon be losing my ability / right to submit comments to this paper.


James / Hace about 1 month

Armengol, Rafael Nadal both vaccinated both with the virus. I know so many people vaccinated with covid and with symptoms at the moment. So what is the purpose of the covid pass? Its not to slow infection. It's the crazy vaccine cult and there obsession to vaccinate anything that moves. Science and data doesn't matter anymore. You will do what we say or you will be punished. We've had it, so you need it to.


Charles / Hace about 1 month

Are these “experts” the same ones who said that locking us up for 3 months and then imposed a curfew (which their boss promptly broke) would solve Covid from spreading ?