I think we need more complete data regarding hospital admissions. | Jason Moore


Just like the Covid case numbers, they dip and rise, although at the moment in the Balearics, like most other places, case numbers continue to rise and the Christmas weekend figures are not in yet.

However, the data regarding numbers appears to be pretty concrete.
Where I fear there may be some confusion is when it comes to hospital cases.

Unlike this time last year, when nearly everyone admitted to hospital with Covid was because there were suffering from the virus, were showing symptoms and had therefore either gone to hospital or been admitted. Now, with the apparently weaker Omicron variant, a slight cold could be a symptom, if a carrier is showing any symptoms at all.

So that means people could be being admitted to hospital for a wide range of other reasons, such as a traffic accident, a sporting incident or any other type of illness only to discover on being admitted, when a PCR test is taken, that they are carrying the Omicron virus and have Covid.

The difference is that, unlike last year, there are people going to hospital that don’t have Covid, to the best of their knowledge, and I think the health ministry, in order to try and install more clarity into the situation, should consider differentiating between those admitted for Covid and those who are admitted for other reasons but are carrying the virus.