More and more regions are easing Covid restrictions but vaccinations have dropped. | Toni Planells


Spain has not quite thrown caution to the wind like in England with regards to Covid restrictions, but an increasing number of regions are ditching the need for Covid passports to enter restaurants and nightclubs and the big question is when will we no longer have to wear masks inside? No one appears too sure of the answer although the Spanish media is full of claims that it is going to be April, ahead of the Easter holidays, so it could be a while yet.

And self isolation is still required for those testing positive, unlike in England, a decision which many medical experts in the UK have said is too soon.

However, as Spain gradually winds down its Covid restrictions, it appears that there has also been a downturn in the number of people getting vaccinated.

The latest figures show that 91 percent of the population aged over 12 are double jabbed, an impressive figure.

But, there are those for medical reasons who have to wait until the Novavax comes on line and others who simply do not want to have the jab and that is, according to the experts, going to account for around seven percent of the population.

And, the majority of those are aged between 30 to 59 - the age group which accounts for the majority of Covid patients currently being treated in intensive care. That said, it is a matter of choice and the vaccines do not offer 100% protection.