UK tour operators are reminding clients about the alcohol controls in some resorts. | Emilio Queirolo


Just as millions of Britons have booked their holidays in the Balearics, tour operators, and even the Foreign Office, are now issuing warnings.

Airline easyJet has already informed those heading to certain areas of the Balearics that they will be limited to six drinks a day on all-inclusive breaks due to laws clamping down on public drunkenness.

The rules split the day into a ‘lunch timetable’ and an ‘evening timetable’, with only three drinks being allowed during each.

These restrictions only apply in Magalluf, the Playa de Palma and San Antoni in Ibiza, but it does not send out the message of come on down to the Balearics, let your hair down and have some fun in the sun. Which, and let’s be honest, is why most holiday makers come to the Balearics - for some fun in the sun.

It is also good for the economy, especially in resorts which only open during the summer. Just look at the weather in Majorca this week, it is not much better than the UK! Other rules in the so-called “black spot” areas also includes ban on the sale of alcohol in shops between 9.30pm and 8am, as well as pub crawls, two-for-one drinks offers and happy hours.

The Foreign Office has also warned Britons that the measures of spirits served in the Balearics is much larger than in the UK, so don’t get too carried away. So take it or leave it - don’t have too much of a good time in Magalluf, you are only on holiday.