With the current left-wing coalition council losing support, start thinking. | X. SOL˦


The next few weeks could provide Palma’s ailing city council with an opportunity to start reinventing Palma and breathing some fresh new life into the capital.

Never mind all the road works in the city centre which are causing traffic chaos just as we head into Easter, the city is celebrating its patron saint, Sant Sebastià.

Traditionally, this is celebrated on January 19 with live concerts across the capital and the famous BBQs, but this year, because of Covid, it was not cancelled, it was postponed.

It is taking place now, in fact it began earlier this month and will continue until April 6 with the concerts being staggered.

In short, it could be described as a Spring festival and considering that in January it usually rains and it is cold, perhaps this could be a blueprint for the future of a more exciting Palma.

We can still celebrate the city’s saint’s day but why not save the big celebrations until the weather, in theory, improves, and there are more people about?

Palma used to hold an international folk dance festival which attracted thousands of people from all over the world, so why not take a punt, think bold, and package this year’s events up and sell them as a Palma Spring festival of live music and other exciting events? Who knows, it may attract tourists and bring some early seasonal life to the city.