Palma terraces were very busy. | miquel a. canellas


After two years of relative peace and quiet in Palma, the city is heaving this Easter. I have not seen so many people, especially foreigners, since 2019 and the tourists have exploded on to the streets. Palma is heaving and it is a delight to see. The hotels are packed as are the bars and restaurants, not to mention the shops.

Granted, Thursday was not the best day to go to the beach, but it played out well for businesses in Palma. I have to admit, shopping is not my favourite pastime but I had to go out and buy some new trainers. I was on a mission and just as well, because on a normal day I would have taken one look at the queues and the crowded stores and left it for another day. I can’t be doing with all the hassle; I get a touch of the Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

That said, I spoke to a few friends who own bars and restaurants in the centre and they all said they were fully booked and struggling to meet demand, but no one was complaining.
On the contrary, many said that they hope this now continues well into the autumn and, with luck, the winter so that they can make up for lost revenue due to the pandemic.
A few foreigners were caught out by the need to still wear masks inside, but those that I saw all seemed to have one handy and made little fuss. And yesterday, despite the sun shining, the city was just as busy. Fingers crossed, long may it last because we need it.