Ukraine war.


Dear Sir,

Having just returned from Antibes France where I was astounded to find the place full of Russians ? Now back in Mallorca I'm starting to see them here too! But I fail to understand WHY ?

Given that allegedly more than 80% of Russians support their countries invasion, murder & rape in Ukraine & that their government is threatening Europe, the UK & even Elon Musk with everything from nuclear attack to assassination why the hell are they being permitted to enter Europe & whose is issuing their visas ?

Whilst I fully appreciate they bring revenue into the EU & that many consider this should be placed on a higher priority than the lives of innocent Ukrainians I personally do not want these people anywhere near me , my family or the 8 Ukranian refugees that I now have in my home who were forced to flee their homes due to the Russian aggression.

I understand that you cannot tar everyone with the same brush & I'm sure EU tourists would be warmly welcomed in Moscow ! Maybe immediately arrested as spies, drug dealers, terrorists etc & therefore I personally feel it is abhorrent that these " tourists" are still arriving in the EU & that our governments have not retracted any current visas , it makes no sense to welcome tourists from a country currently proposed as a sponsor of terrorism & genocide . Maybe the EU could run a tourist campaign in North Korea , Iran etc next week !

I will not be welcoming anyone coming from a country that wishes to inflict suffering & senseless violence on their own citizens & other countries.

Sincerely Martin Whyte