What has happened to football? The World Cup is going on but to be frank, I've no interest and I really could not care who wins, even if England do ’bring it home’.

Up until about six years ago I was a dedicated viewer of Match of the Day, I don’t think I’ve watched it since and I have not watched a full match for nearly as many years and that includes this season with my team Arsenal storming away at the top of the league. I think the biggest problem is money and the fact that there is far too much of it on the pitch and off.

Let’s be honest, what do a bunch of American, Asian or Middle Eastern billionaires really know about football and what it means to the fans and the local community? Not much and is it not strange that the American owners of both Man United and Liverpool appear to be jumping ship paving the way for more Middle Eastern investors to move in. Does this new breed of club owner care about the fans?

No, they are merely clients for multinational billionaire businesses who, like any other consumer, are expected to buy the tickets, shirts and scarves and this, for me, has ripped the soul and the passion out of football. It’s turned me right off the game which is more often than not played by mercenaries with huge egos whose only goal is scoring the largest pay packet on offer.