Many years ago I interviewed Michael Portillo and one of his biggest criticisms of the UK was that the country always thought it knew best and was loath to look at how other countries function and follow examples which work. For example, he singled out the Dutch education system, which is extremely hot on languages, and another was the Spanish health service; and he is not wrong.

At 9am on New Year’s Day, a Sunday as well, I needed an ambulance team for an elderly family member. I was all set for long delays - New Year’s Day and a Sunday! But no. After two quick phone calls, I had an ambulance team at home within 20 minutes and was at the local pharmacy, which is open every day of the year, collecting the antibiotics, etc. shortly after. The whole operation took less than an hour and getting an appointment with the doctor for the following day was just as quick and easy.

I know that doctors were threatening to go on strike in the Balearics in the run-up to Christmas and that nurses have been protesting over low wages and poor working conditions, but when push comes to shove, the system works and amazingly well despite medical centres and hospitals having to handle the annual winter medical pressure - which this year is higher than it has been for recent years - and we're still having to live with Covid on top of everything else.

Despite the vast challenges the Balearic health service faces, it is capable of overcoming them and providing a first class service, one the region should be extremely proud of and an example the UK should perhaps have a look at.