London (United Kingdom), 25/01/2023.- British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak departs 10 Downing Street to attend a Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) session at parliament in London, Britain, 25 January 2023. (Reino Unido, Londres) EFE/EPA/ANDY RAIN | ANDY RAIN


“EDUCATION, education, education” was a rather good political slogan in the UK. But like many, such as “Get Brexit done” and “Levelling Up”, either total chaos is caused or nothing actually gets done because it’s all hot air and no one has looked into the finer details of all the hot air. Perhaps a bit of education would not go amiss for the new breed of British politicians, or politicians around the world for that matter.

Let us take the Conservative party chairman ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer’s latest predicament; he is facing questions over a tax case.

Slippery Sunak has tried to duck the issue by stating “the issues in question occurred before I was prime minister”. Well he is now and Zahami is a top member of his team. Then we have another choice line: Zahawi said on Saturday he had paid dues and settled the matter with the tax office, which he said concluded that he had made a “careless and not deliberate” error.

And a number of leading cabinet members came to his defence on the grounds that, as he said, he has paid up.

Fine, but my question, or the question as I see it, is how he got into a mess with his taxes in the first place?

After all, he is supposed to know something about money. He has not only made over 100 million pounds, he was Chancellor of the Exchequer for a while.

And on top of that the Tories are having to deal with Boris’s bung from the new chairman of the BBC.

The money was to help finance Boris’s lifestyle in 2020. What kind of lifestyle was he living during the pandemic lockdowns that meant he needed the extra cash¡? Some people never learn.