Hard times on the Mallorca high streets. Shops are struggling and so far the sales have done little to revive takings. We shouldn't be surprised really, households are struggling as the cost of living crisis takes hold. So shops, especially the smaller retailers, are facing a nightmare scenario.

To make the problem even more pronounced the Balearic government are desperate to curb the number of visits by cruise ships. Already a limit of three a day has been established. This is a big blow to retailers who have come to rely on cruise ship passengers for a sizeable part of their revenue. An estimated 70 percent of shop takings during the summer months in Palma are to tourists.

The local authorities need to help shopkeepers especially now during the low season. At the moment only shops in the Jaime III area of Palma are allowed to open on Sundays... this legislation needs to be changed and any store in town, wherever they are, should be allowed to open when they want and not when the local authorities dictate.

I am sure this would help many retailers, because Sunday opening is key, especially during the summer months. I would also allow more flexible opening times.. .if shops want to stay open until midnight during the summer months, they should be allowed to do so. There is a real danger that many long-time shops will disappear in Palma.

It is already happening and it is a trend which will continue. The massive amount of competition which are now faced by stores is quite eye-watering... from the internet to out of town shopping areas. Retailers are going to need help and the local authorities should be ready and willing.