Winter wonderland in Mallorca. | E. QUEIROLO / G.R.V. / A. DARDER


Just what is happening with the weather on Mallorca? We had been told that winter would be warmer than usual after a summer and autumn which saw temperatures reaching a record high. In fact, last summer was one of the warmest on record. Even in October people were still going to the beach. I think we were all getting accustomed to warm-like weather across the year even though global warming was obviously a concern....But that was then.

The weather over the last two weeks has been some of the coldest on record with large amounts of snow falling in mountain areas. In fact, there were reports of snow more than one metre thick falling in mountain areas. The temperatures have also been rather concerning with -3 being registered in Campos. The top temperature during the summer was 47 degrees Centigrade and now we have a minimum of -3! Incredible.

Mallorca is now seeing weather of extremes. Too hot and too cold. No-one could describe this winter as being mild. Boffins are already saying that climate change is here to stay on Mallorca. In fact, one group of scientists said that a complete overhaul of the tourist industry was needed and a major reduction in global emissions. The scientists claim that there are just too many aircraft flying in and out of Palma airport.

I think even the greatest non-believers in climate climate would admit that the weather patterns on the island have changed. What action can be taken in the short-term is difficult to decide, In the meantime we have to live with the weather patterns; extreme heat in the summer and extreme cold (during short periods) during the winter. A rather alarming state of affairs.