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After keeping a dignified silence for 21 years, Sasha Walpole, who had a sexual encounter with Prince Harry behind a country pub when both were teenagers, has told her side of the story. Laying bare the sorry tale in his biography, Spare, Harry never thought to warn the mother of two that he was about to blow the lid on their secret.

After endless media speculation, Sasha Walpole realised that sooner or later she would be outed and decided to claim her own narrative. She sold her story to the Mail on Sunday and who could blame her? While Harry raked in millions with his book, exposing the likes of Sasha Walpole in ungentlemanly fashion, his victims were left hung out to dry with no compensation. I hope she got a sizeable chunk of dosh from the Mail Group, having been so cruelly let down by her former stable buddy. Now a happily married digger driver, Walpole gave a frank, undramatic account of the five-minute drunken misadventure. She was not an older woman as Harry claimed but a teen just like him and they had been messing around following her birthday celebrations with friends. It’s a shame that he dredged up such tawdry episodes in his book, showing little kindness or consideration for those whose reputations he trampled. Sasha Walpole loyally kept her side of the bargain all those years. How disappointing that, by contrast, Harry proved himself an utter cad.

Gone missing

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Nicola Bulley, an apparently happily married, working mother of two little girls, has gripped the nation. One minute she was walking the family dog by the River Wyre in Lancashire, the next she had completely vanished. The police speculated that she must have accidentally drowned in the freezing cold and perilous river, perhaps while retrieving her dog’s ball but there is now no evidence to support the idea.

As the heartbroken family continues to make pleas to the public to come forward with any sightings of the 45-year-old, expert forensic diver, Peter Faulding, has been called in to assist with the hunt. Using specialist diving equipment, he is trawling through the river with his team, intent on either finding Nicola’s remains or disproving the theory. By the time this piece goes to press, there’s a good chance the tragic mystery surrounding Nicola’s whereabouts, will be solved but currently there is growing concern that she might have been abducted. One always hopes for a positive outcome in these missing person cases especially when images of a beautiful, smiling woman shine out at us from the front pages of newspapers. The investigation is now into its second week and as more days pass by, there is sadly less chance of finding her alive. As hope dwindles, all Nicola’s family and friends can do is pray for a miracle.

Grammy Gripe

There have been a lot of funny and sniping video clips of actor Ben Affleck and wife, JLo having a tit-for-tat at the Grammy awards last weekend. Affleck couldn’t have looked more bored and disengaged if he’d tried and actually, my heart went out to him. Haven’t we all been dragged along to some partner’s work do and wished instead that we were at home in a warm bed with a good book or Netflix? I cannot imagine how grim this particular event must have been with endless musical popsicles fawning over one another in their bubble of entitlement. Having to smile constantly at the cameras, one’s ears assailed with blasting music, and look thrilled every time someone took to the stage to shed tears over their gong must have been ghastly. Poor old Ben. I hope his limo driver stopped off for a Big Mac as compensation on the way home.

Scottish high jinks in Lloseta

Although a bit of a journey from Soller on a cold winter’s night, our visit to Es Garum in Lloseta, owned by chef, David Palomo Gonzalez, didn’t disappoint. Joined by celebrated Scottish private chef, John Watret, David staged a fantastic Burns supper with homemade haggis and many a Scottish culinary treat. Man of many talents and master of the Mallorcan bag pipes, John Lambourne, serenaded the guests on arrival and at the toast for the haggis.

The majority of the guests were locals and were a charming and friendly bunch who loved the Scottish five-course menu and the delightful theatrics thanks to John Watret. I was lucky enough to get to know David last summer when we dined at the newly opened restaurant. We were staying at my sister’s house in a nearby village and ventured there on several occasions and got to know the maestro and his team.

Es Garum is open for both lunch and dinner five days a week and the schedule can be found on its Instagram or Facebook page. David plans on more themed dinners and John Watret is keen to return soon for more Scottish inspired suppers. Do pay a visit. It’s a little culinary jewel in the heart of the island.

And finally…

I was greatly saddened to learn of the recent death of friend and fellow columnist, Donald Trelford. Donald was an exceptional newsman and editor who enjoyed an extraordinarily colourful, successful, and varied career. He had a wonderful pithy humour and a sharp intelligence. In later life, he married Claire and became a devoted and loving father to their beautiful children, Ben and Poppy. In recent times, Claire and a partner opened the café, Dodo, in Pollensa which has proven a huge hit with locals and tourists alike. I will always be indebted to Donald for facilitating my first book review in the Daily Mail, and for having been so supportive of my new crime series. He will be greatly missed.