Gone are the days were more than 3 cruise ships could stop over in Palma. | Archives


The long fought for limits on cruise ships in Palma come into full force this year but demand from the cruise lines for berths in Palma is mounting to the point that Madrid, which manages the port, may decide to overrule the Balearic restrictions instead of diverting income elsewhere.

As things stand, only three cruise ships per day can stop over in Palma this year and only one of the three can be a so-called mega-cruise ship with more than 5,000 passengers. But some of the world’s largest cruise lines such as MSC, P&O as well as the likes of Tui and Virgin to name just a few, are already pushing their cruises which feature calls in Palma.

Palma and Mallorca is a hugely popular cruise destination. It is also an important departure point with some tour operators offering shore and sail holidays - a week or a few days at a hotel and then the cruise. These are very popular with the North American market. And apart from increasing demand from the cruise lines for Palma moorings, the trade associations Pimeco and Afedeco, the Association of Wholesalers and Tourist Shops, Amictur, and the CAEB Restaurant Association have asked the Balearic Government to remove the limits on cruise ships entering Balearic ports, in particular Palma, and to increase the number allowed, because they fear it will reduce trade and income. This year a number of new zero emissions cruise ships will be visiting Palma as the global fleet goes green; perhaps they should be given special treatment. The cruise industry is becoming more sustainable and the Balearics is facing a battle to stop it again.