Tourists at the Playa de Palma. | M.A. CAÑELLAS


Inflation? Xenophobia? Political crisis? Fear of war? So what! The current economic, political and social hardships don’t seem to be affecting Germans’ desire to travel. The opposite is the case. If current forecasts are to be believed, Mallorca will once again be a summer fairytale for them this year!

The proportion of Germans who took a trip lasting at least five days grew in 2023 – and will continue to do so in 2024, recent studies say. And despite all the prophecies of doom, Mallorca still doesn’t seem to be too expensive for many people. Spending on holidays reached a new record level in 2023 and averaged 1538 euros per person. A family of four spent more than 6000 euros on their main holiday.

Average spending by German holidaymakers rose particularly sharply in Spain, and especially where? Exactly, on the Balearic Islands! Of course, the same applies to our friends from the “big island”. If the forecasts presented at the World Travel Market in London are to be believed, Brits too will return to Mallorca in droves – despite war, inflation and Brexit. And the fact that both Brits and Germans – by far the largest foreign tourist groups on the Balearic Islands – are prepared to pay the significantly higher prices will mean that Mallorca will not become cheaper in the future.

On the contrary: tour operators and local entrepreneurs will continue to push up prices – and turn Mallorca more and more into the luxury island that the left-wing government voted out of office in May has been dreaming of for years (and which its successors will certainly have no objections to). And as long as millions of holidaymakers are not deterred by this, Germans and Brits can look forward to the towel war once again this year – albeit a slightly more expensive one.