Everything that money can buy.

Some say Majorca is best seen from the air, others from the sea, however, the British couple who have just bought one of the Balearics's most luxurious and “bold” multi-million pound properties from its previous German owner, do not have to look further than their lounge, bedroom, bathroom or terrace for some of the best views available. For obvious reasons, the couple, who opened their doors to the Daily Bulletin yesterday for a quick peak, want to remain anonymous, but they cannot hide their happiness at landing a dream home and are still somewhat overcome by the fabulous and intricate interior design of the property - which is quite literally one room downstairs and one room upstairs - and this is what the new occupants have to say: Owning one of the most prestigious houses on the island isn't all plain sailing. One of the first things we discovered when we became the proud new owners of our palatial little one up, one down is that film crews, magazines, model agencies and photographers want a piece of it. Flattering though that is, we've doggedly said no, preferring to keep our privacy intact. But when we were approached by the island's best loved daily read for Brits - how could we refuse? Now I'm not averse to a bit of flag waving and yes, it's great that this beautiful house with its most spectacular views is now owned by an English couple, but being the fair-minded person that I am, then I must insist that credit go where it's due - and that is with the previous owners, Hans Gunter and Edda Lehmann. The Lehmann's conceived the idea of the design and poured not just money into the project but also a great deal of love and care. The house is beautiful and bold. Lehmann flew in the face of convention, took risks, had taste and courage. The result was that when we saw the house, it was love at first sight. That was back in March 1999. Within two weeks we had moved in – an astonishing feat and again one for which we can claim no credit. The vendors, the respective solicitors, (Alejandro Feliu) on our behalf, and especially the agents, First Mallorca, worked tirelessly to have us ensconced before we started our Easter break. What was even more astounding was the way the house was prepared for us. Having had the experience of buying an apartment in Palma Nova (even the air-conditioning unit had been ripped from the wall, despite being assured by that “gentleman” that “Of course it is staying!”) and a house from a young English couple in Son Ferrer where even the light bulbs had been removed leaving exposed wires throughout, we anticipated the worst. What we actually got was the best.


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