Beach destroyed A LAYER of concrete has destroyed the beach known as El Ribell on the Costa de los Pinos, according to the Majorcan Socialist Party (PSM) and the United Left-Greens (EU-EV), who will make a formal complaint to the Coastal Authority. Antoni Servera of the PSM and Conxi Peña, EU-EV councillor, said that nearly 400 square metres of the beach have been destroyed, blaming the owners of chalets at the beach. They say the concrete goes from the wall marking the start of the chalets to the artificial rocks which serve as a breakwater. Servera said that bathers will now have to lie on the concrete if they want to sunbathe. The parties had already protested to the Coastal Authority when tons of rocks were placed at the water's edge to prevent the waves from damaging the chalet walls. NEARLY 50 country roads, which are public according to the town council's roads catalogue, are closed by barriers, preventing public use. They include the seven roads which go through the El Fangar estate in Son Macià. Some of the roads have been catalogued as public highways since the 18th century. A committee has been set up to fight to have the roads reopened. Spokesman Sebastià Matamalas said that the most problematical cases are the roads of El Fangar and El Rafalet because the owners are systematically preventing people from using them. Some of the roads which have been closed lead to unspoiled coves such as Cala Varques, Cala Falcó, Cala Saquers and Cala Magraner. SANT LLORENÇ MAYOR Mateu Puigros is due to have talks on Tuesday with Gabriel de Juan, the Balearic director general of industry, to discuss the mining concession of Hijos de Miguel Mascaró SA. The company is now exercising its right to expropriate an old manor house Sa Punta and its surrounding land for mining purposes. The Mayor said that the council has no say in the matter, but it wants to know how things stand. The expropriation process was started after negotiations between the company and the owners of Sa Punta broke down. The company has been criticised for the move. THE town council wants to build an open air cycling track and an athletics track at the Mateu Canyellas sports stadium. The Mayor, Pere Rotger, has set up a group to study the viability and the cost of the project which would be included in improvements to be made to the facilities which will be done before 2008. They include adapting the swimming pools for the disabled, changing the surface of the three tennis courts, building new changing rooms, a cafeteria and a service area which would include a reception desk. The Mayor said that the soccer pitch would have to go to make way for the cycle track. The pitch would be rebuilt in the new industrial estate, close to the Constancia and Sallista football grounds.


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