Pollensa will mark this week the 70th anniversary of the scuttling of the Italian Navy motor torpedo boat, Pegaso, which has a unique claim to fame because she is credited with sinking the Royal Navy submarine Upholder, one of the most famous submarines in Royal Navy service.
The crew of the Pegaso decided to sink their own vessel in the enormous Pollensa Bay as Italy capitalited and the regime of dictator Mussolini fell. It was an undignified end for the Pegaso, which sank the Upholder off the coast of Tripoli (Libya)on the 14 of April, 1942.
The Upholder was commanded for her entire career by lieutenant-commander Malcolm David Wanklyn, and became the most successful British submarine of the Second World War. After a working up period, she left for Malta on 10 December 1940 and was attached to the 10th Submarine Flotilla based there.