Mateo Isern meets with other critics of the Rodriguez leadership. | M. À. Cañellas


Some one hundred members of the Partido Popular, opponents of the president of the party in Palma, José María Rodríguez, have met to voice their criticisms of Rodríguez's leadership in the city. Led by the former mayor, Mateo Isern, and another prominent PP politician from Palma, Francesc Fiol, this was the first public display of outright opposition to Rodríguez. "There is a part of the party in Palma which does not feel represented by the current leadership," said one source. The expectation is that this rebel group will, in the next few weeks, come to an agreement on alternatives to that leadership.

The meeting established an immediate objective, which is for the PP to win the general election, for which all parts of the party need to be mobilised in support: something that did not happen at the recent regional and municipal elections.

Meanwhile, the party's regional board was also meeting, the temporary president of the PP in the Balearics, Miquel Vidal, announcing that the next secretary-general will be the current president of Nuevas Generaciones (like the Young Conservatives), Andrés Ferrer. As Ferrer is from Palma, it is thought that Vidal will seek someone from the rest of the island to be deputy secretary-general. The mayor of Maria de la Salut, Antoni Mulet, is thought to be the frontrunner.