Armengol in Cabrera yesterday.


The regional government is to call on the national government to expand the Cabrera national park in order to better sustain both land and sea ecosystems.
President Armengol says that the increased boundaries of the protected area will be with the consensus of the park’s managing trust and relevant sectors, such as fishing.

The regional cabinet will, therefore, today approve an application to the environment ministry for it to initiate proceedings to propose to the Rajoy cabinet that the boundaries should be extended.

The president says that the request underlines her government’s commitment to the conservation of natural heritage.
Armengol yesterday visited Cabrera, accompanied by Vicenç Vidal, the regional minister for the environment and fisheries, who pointed out that this was the first step in doubling the protected area. It would increase from 10,000 to 20,000 hectares, though the marine conservationists Oceana have suggested that it should be as much as 90,000.