Local inspection yesterday.


An inspection at the bullring in Palma this week has revealed “serious deficiencies”, according to two animal-rights organisations, Assaib and Mallorca Sense Sang (Majorca Without Blood).

A leaked report, says the co-ordinator for Mallorca Sense Sang, has highlighted the poor condition of the infirmary, the rotten state of the wood of the “burladeros” (the refuges for the matador in the ring), cracks in the stands and only two operational pens, as opposed to the three that are required under regulations. There are, apparently, other deficiencies.

Amengual claims that these problems should have led to the suspension of this evening’s bullfight. He adds that if an unfavourable (official) report is issued, the bullfight would have been held under illegal conditions.
If it turns out to be favourable, Amengual says that consideration will be given to approaching the public prosecutor with a complaint of deception, as the leaked information and the photos that the animal-rights groups have indicate that the bullring is unsafe.