Move to ban blood sports in the Balearics. | Alberto Morante


Organisers of the anti-bullfighting campaign Mallorca Sense Sang (Majorca Without Blood) have confirmed that they will soon be presenting a popular legislative initiative to the Balearic parliament that will seek to have bullfighting banned in the Balearics.

It was an initiative of this type which resulted in the ban in Catalonia. It can only apply to specific areas of legislation (bullfighting is one) and its petition has to contain a requisite number of signatures. In itself, it doesn’t determine lawmaking but it does oblige parliament to debate the motion. 

The spokesperson for the campaign, Guillermo Amengual, says that bullfighting “impunity” is now coming to an end in the Balearics.

The islands have said “enough to the torture and death in the name of entertainment.  We have the commitment of parliament to put an end to bullfighting in the Balearics.”

Meanwhile, the campaign, together with ASSAIB, the Balearic pro-animal association, has denounced the fact that minors were present inside the bullring during the fights in Alcudia on Saturday. Under law in Majorca, minors are not permitted to attend.

 “Once more, the pro-bullfighting people have mocked the law which forbids the entrance of minors into Majorca’s bullrings. We are fed up with the impunity of the pro-bullfighting lobby and the passivity of law enforcement agencies in turning a blind eye to such illegality.”  ASSAIB and Mallorca Sense Sang are, as a consequence, seeking the resignation of the mayor of Alcudia, Antoni  Mir, for “allowing the entrance of minors and for co-operating directly with bullfighting in the town.”