The launch on which the suspects were caught. | Guardia Civil


The National Police and Guardia Civil have arrested a gang of eight safebreakers, accused of having committed 29 robberies in the Balearics and stolen more than one million euros’ worth of jewellery as well as cash. Five of the gang were detained when they intercepted at sea when returning to Ibiza, having carried out three robberies in two days in Majorca. Two more were arrested in Ibiza and one in Majorca.

The gang is alleged to have used a security and fire-protection firm as a means of getting to know about safes in hotels, restaurants and clubs and used oxy-fuel to get access to safes’ contents, having first disabled alarms.

Officers from the police forces raided five addresses and seized 150,000 euros, tools for use in robberies, uniforms, masks and narcotics.

During the raid on the firm’s premises, they also found two artillery shells from the Civil War, which have been sent for analysis and destruction.

In one robbery alone, say police, jewellery worth half a million euros was stolen by the gang, which was run by two brothers and which was well structured: each member had a specific role in obtaining information and vehicles and in the robberies themselves.

The gang also used false documentation to pose as telephone company and internet provider technicians, with the aim of being able to study security systems of targets.

Investigators also believe that the gang was responsible for a robbery in Vigo in January, for which bottles of oxygen and acetylene were used.