The Council of Majorca is to hold a referendum so that the people of the island can decide which day they would like Majorca Day to be. President Miquel Ensenyat says that this public consultation will happen next year, though when and how isn’t yet clear.

The Balearic parliament would first need to pass a law to allow it to take place, with town halls being used as polling stations.

It is unlikely that the referendum would mean any change to Majorca Day in 2016, but the 12 September date next year could be the last time. A reason for the referendum is that 12 September (commemorating the coronation of King Jaume II) doesn’t have a great deal of popular support.

Maximum public participation is being sought for the process, with the public able to make their own suggestions and historians, the university and various associations being on hand to give information. When the suggestions have been made, a committee will draw up a shortlist.