Cala Castell.


The ruling of the Balearic High Court which has annulled the public right of way to the Cami de Ternelles in Pollensa has been described by the lobby group, Pro Camins, as being based on a "falsehood".

The court in effect reversed decisions by both the Balearic Provincial Court and the Supreme Court that there was a right of way. Both these decisions had been influenced by the principle of rights of access to the coast - specifically Cala Castell to the west of Cala San Vicente in this instance - yet the new ruling has given priority to what it considers to be provisions under the PORN regulations governing natural resources. As two areas covered by the Ternelles walk are deemed to be "exclusion zones" on environmental grounds and were so under a 2007 interpretation of PORN, one of them being by the Cala Castell, the High Court's ruling went against previous ones.

ProCamins, however, says that the decision is wrong and that Cala Castell is for public recreational use, i.e. it is not an exclusion area and can therefore form part of the walk.

The row over public use of the walk has been going on for many years. A compromise whereby groups of twenty walkers can be admitted with authorisation from Pollensa town hall may well remain unaffected by the latest ruling, but the arguments have long been about free access to the walk and have been between the owners, who are ultimately the March family (of Banca March fame), and walkers as well as the town hall.