The average autumn temperature will exceed the normal 19C.


Autumn officially starts at 10.21am tomorrow morning (23 September) and, following the second hottest summer of the past 63 years, it is expected to be warmer than normal with rainfalls within the average.

The regional delegation of the national meteorological agency, Aemet, has, as is usual at the start of a new season, issued its forecast for the three months ahead, and although this suggests higher temperatures than usual, autumn will be starting with a cold front that will lead to a fall in temperature of between four and eight degrees.

From now until winter officially starts on 22 December, the total average temperature is expected to exceed 19 degrees, which is the historical average for a Majorcan autumn, while rainfall is forecast to be in the region of what is typical - some 214 litres per square metre.

The prediction models suggest that there will be bursts of “Indian” summers interspersed by stormy conditions, with longer periods of cloud and of heavy rain as winter approaches. The sea temperature is still slightly above normal, and this could provoke unstable conditions, combined with any cold front that arrives. Though the sea temperature has dropped somewhat, in August it had been as high as 29 degrees, which was four degrees above the monthly average.