The bullfight in June this year. | Ultima Hora


Muro, a town which has made it clear that it is "pro-bullfighting", is one of only four Majorcan municipalities where bullfights are staged; or have been staged in recent years, as one - Inca - has not this year. This is all due to change because of the regional government's prohibition on bullfighting that appears set to be in place before the start of next season.

Meantime, the mayor, Martí Fornes, acting on a report and complaint from the Guardia Civil and animal-rights supporters, which were submitted in July, has opened proceedings against the organisers of the June bullfight (staged as part of the town's Sant Joan fiestas) for allowing twenty minors under the age of 16 to attend the bullfight. The fine for this ranges from 60 to 300 euros per child. In Alcudia, there was a complaint for the same reason related to the August novices' bullfight.