Laurence Laurendon: writer, coach and wellness consultant.


If you suffer from stress - and so many do for various reasons - then the Hotel Horizonte is the place to visit as the hotel is the venue for what will be both an interesting and enlightening seminar. The seminar presented by Laurence Laurendon in  collaboration with the JoyRon Foundation is directed at those who want to maximise their ability to manage and transform stress into something positive as well as improving general well-being through healthy, balanced and delicious food. The seminar will take place on Saturday, 17 October, from 9.15am to 2pm, at Hotel Horizonte on Calle Vista Alegre 1 in Palma.

Among the subjects being covered will be a focus on the five key points of how to manage stress, the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, tension relaxation and “jump start,” stress as an ally, mastering daily challenges and enjoying more of your life with the five keys to live each day filled with satisfaction.

It will be a unique seminar as the presentation will be by the well-known Laurence Laurendon, writer, coach and health and wellness consultant, with over 30 books published on the art of living, well-being, and healthy eating. Laurence has created a method to fine balance through healthy and delicious food, complemented by a structured and personalised programme of efficient mind-body exercises, all easy to integrate into daily life.

Not only will the seminar provide a wealth of information and techniques to follow in reducing stress but additionally, Laurence Laurendon will donate 25% of the course fees to the JoyRon Foundation, an institution recently established to support and help the underprivileged and seriously sick children in need in the Baleares. “Besides being a practical and revealing course, it will also be a good opportunity to help provide some level of assistance to the children in need on the island,” explains Laurence.

So if you want to avoid or certainly learn how to manage stress then do check out the details and come along to the seminar. Life may not be the same after and that can only be for the best!!!

For more information and registration please call 648 251 655 or 722 338 332. or e-mail  website