The European Union's Committee of the Regions, which is the assembly for representatives from regional and local authorities, has published its latest "Eurobarometer", an opinion survey of attitudes and concerns in the various regions of the EU.

From the findings, it has been revealed that 84% of people in the Balearics believe that they have a good quality of life, a percentage which the islands share with Navarre. Only La Rioja (87%) and the Basque Country (88%) have a higher ranking among Spain's regions.

These four regions also feature most prominently when it comes to being positive about the economic situation. 63% of people in the Balearics and Navarre are positive, with the most positive being respondents from the Basque Country (68%) and La Rioja (73%). There is a sharp contrast here with Andalusia and Asturias, where discontent with the economic situations stands at 77%, and Extremadura and Valencia (75%).

Curiously, however, the survey finds that, when it comes to prospects for quality of life next year, the Balearics is the second most pessimistic region, albeit only 19% believe that this will worsen in 2016.