Temperatures in the Balearics reached a high of 23ºC yesterday. | Gemma Andreu


With winter approaching, it’s time for long-range forecasting once more, the national met office, Aemet, having said that autumn in the Balearics would be slightly warmer than normal but wetter than usual (the second part of this seems not to have been the case).

The weather website - eltiempo.es - is offering its prognostication for winter in Spain as a whole: warmer than normal in parts of central and eastern Spain and with less rain in the south and southeast along a range that also includes the Balearics and the Canaries. By contrast, northwest Spain can expect more rain than usual.

The website is predicting that temperatures for the three months from 22 December are likely to be one or two degrees higher than normal in central and eastern Spain (an implication of this being that the Balearics will be as well). The average temperature in Palma in winter, its meteorologist Mar Gómez says, is usually ten degrees, while that of Barcelona is 9.7C and Valencia higher at 12.3C.

Other parts of Europe are also expected to enjoy a warmer than typical winter, with temperatures up by one to two degrees in eastern France and southern Germany as well as in most of central Europe and northern Africa. In other areas of Europe and in the Canaries, the temperatures will also be up but only by between 0.5 and one degree.