Early blooming of almond trees, which has been occurring because of the mild winter, may now be problematic, as cold weather takes hold.


Winter temperatures are forecast to arrive in Majorca on Friday. The Aemet meteorological agency says that a cold front is on its way that will bring about a very significant change in the weather, which will see rain in general and snow on the mountains.
While today’s temperatures were slightly below the norm for the time of the year, tomorrow (Thursday) they are expected to reach 20 degrees, i.e. five degrees higher than is typical. On Friday, however, the temperature will be between ten to twelve degrees.

These lower values are expected to continue into next week, meaning that the temperature will be lower than normal. Rain and showers in the Balearics on Friday are expected to be most evident in Majorca and may be accompanied by thunderstorms and hail. Snow may fall down to 800 metres during the day, with the minimum temperature down to four degrees. For Sant Antoni Eve on Saturday, Aemet is forecasting cloudy skies and occasional showers. Temperatures during the day will be between ten and fourteen degrees, with a minimum of two. The north wind will also be up, with gusts of 80kph especially for Minorca.