Work on Palma's Palacio de Congresos convention centre has finally finished. The president of the Palacio company's board, Palma councillor Joana Maria Adrover, says that it will be officially "received" on 29 March, assuming that no anomaly or deficiency is revealed in the meantime.

The company will, therefore, receive "the keys to the Palace" on 29 March and will assume responsibilities for the building and its maintenance as well as for it security, e.g. in ensuring there is no vandalism. Until 29 March the main contractor, Acciona, will be in charge and will also be briefing the various technicians from the Palacio company. On 29 March Acciona will also be involved with ensuring that the acoustics in the auditoriums are correct; they will be tested on that day.

Adrover said that today (24 February) was another step in the process towards the handing-over of the Palacio and also to completion. "I am sure that there will be a happy end." On the outstanding claim for compensation by Acciona (which the builder estimates as being 15 million), Adrover added that a report into this was being worked on. The company had completed its part, while the legal part of the report has yet to be finalised.

"We will sit down with Acciona and consider this claim and also possible penalties for delay to the works. These are being assessed by technicians who are looking at reasons why there have been delays. We will have to see where responsibilities lie. The important thing is to have everything finished and then address these issues."

As to the final cost of the complex, Adrover explained that this was dependent upon the final two certifications of work by Acciona (and so invoices it will submit) and upon elements that have not been included and so should be discounted, such as the exterior lighting which neither the town hall nor the regional government currently considers to be a priority. The cost of this could be around 600,000 euros. Adrover noted that the hotel has yet to be furnished and that this will be tendered.

Meanwhile, Josep Mallol, for the regional government's vice-president's office, said that the conditions for the new tender to operate the site are still being specified. The intention is, though, that everything should be in place for there to be activities and conventions at the Palacio by the end of the year.