The PSOE party in Fornalutx, which has a strong history of representation in the municipality, having provided mayors on several occasions, is saying that it will not present itself at the next election with the backing of PSOE in the Balearics. The local party is opposed to the legislation that PSOE, Més and Podemos are proposing that would bring about a ban on all types of bull activities. This wouldn't mean only a ban on bullfighting but also, as has been expressly identified in the planned legislation, the "correbou" bull-run that takes place in early September each year as part of the village's annual fiestas.

The local party met last week but has yet to decide if it will dissolve itself, though an implication of its stance is that its representatives would stand in future under a different name.

The planned legislation was officially registered last week, thus meaning that it has entered the phase of parliamentary processing. The specific mention of the Fornalutx correbou outraged local party members, of which there are three who are current councillors. The legislation is set to come into force in June.

The Partido Popular, which has an absolute majority and so supplies the current mayor, says that it is not ruling out taking legal action over the legislation. This comes some weeks after the PP registered a motion to expressly exclude the correbou from the ban that is being envisaged.