Alberto Jarabo, the leader of Podemos, told members of the press today that the regional government has accepted that the law for the tourist tax should contemplate citizen participation in decisions regarding the use of revenue. The government had previously rejected this proposal from Podemos.

Jarabo also said that there has been movement on prioritising environmental projects and on a formula for distributing tax revenue on a territorial basis across the islands. These shifts in position, he suggested, had come about during a meeting on Monday at which the major discrepancies regarding the tax that exist between Podemos and the PSOE-Més government were discussed. Jarabo thus declared himself satisfied that they had been able to move towards resolving "delicate" issues of disagreement.

According to Jarabo, the government will now be making clear in the legislation's text that environmental projects will have priorities over other purposes. Definitions remain to be made, however, in respect of geographical distribution of revenue, based in minimum and maximum proposals from the four island councils. Podemos, Jarabo added, was looking for a "fair and equitable" deal. Further meetings to hammer all these issues out will continue over the next few days. Meanwhile, he continued to criticise the proposal for revenue to be used to fund residential care homes for the elderly, arguing that funding should come instead from the general budget.

While Jarabo was saying this, at a gathering in Puerto Poilensa, the finance minister Catalina Cladera was telling an open meeting on the tourist tax that the tax would not stop tourists coming because of having to pay a "small amount" for their stay.